REVIEW: Jazzy Cream Foundation

8 Mar

Meet my HG foundation: Jazzy Cream Foundation.

I’ve been reading good reviews about this so when I saw it on sale at Ms. Gem’s blog, I asked about it. It was about 80% full for half the price. It came with the box too so I felt it was well used and taken cared of!


The ingredients are listed at the back of the box. Uh-oh there is paraben and dimethicone… but I have no plans of using this daily so it’s alright with me.
The cream foundation is housed in a twist to open black plastic tub. It is not as sturdy as it looks though. The only problem with tubs are there is a risk of double dipping. Double dipping is not entirely hygienic and the cream foundation may get more bacteria than it can have.
This 20g of cream foundation from James Cooper Jazzy Collection retails at 550php in leading dpeartment stores. It is reasonable enough for me with the coverage it gives. But since I got it at Ms. Gem’s blog sale, I think I only paid 250php. I wasn’t sure at first if I am going to get this since it is hard for me to look for a foundation that matches my skin really well. This shade is in CF04.  I think this has a pink undertone but it works great for my yellow to neutral skin undertone.
When you open the container, you will see drops of oil on top of the foundation. The ingredients can be seen on the box. Don’t think that this has oxidized or expired. This is normal for cream foundations which has oil in its ingredients.
What makes this my HG foundation is that it has everything I need: gives full coverage, makes skin flawless without caking and lasts throughout the day.
It gives full coverage with just one layer. I don’t use concealer just because and this really covers the hyperpigmentations I have. I love how it makes my skin look flawless. I like that I only need a little amount for my whole face because a little goes a long way. It can also double up as a concealer because it covers the blemishes and lightens the skin my under eyes. The foundation lasts the whole day, especially if used with primer and set with loose powder foundation.
I use this only on special occasions because it feels heavy on my oily-sensitive skin. I use this on events where picture taking is a must. Here are some pictures where I used this baby.
I remember using this foundation on January 12 where 2 events were held: wedding and Krave’s event.
maids of honor at our uncle's wedding

maids of honor at our uncle’s wedding

at the Krave's 1st anniversary party with hubby

at the Krave’s 1st anniversary party with hubby

entry for Great Image's contest

entry for Great Image’s contest

Before I forget, here is a product swatch:

What I love:
– it is my HG foundation
– it has no pungent smell
– gives full coverage that you don’t need a concealer
– doubles up as a concealer and may be applied only on problem areas
– lasts throughout the day (especially if used with a primer and a setting powder)
– it does not cake even if used alone
– it does not oxidize or turns darker/ lighter on skin
– it is very creamy and a little goes a long way
– a small tub lasts me a long time
– may be applied with a sponge or a brush
– easily available at department stores
– 20grams for 550php is good for me
What I wish for:
– it has SPF
– it comes in a squeezed tube/ pump bottle (for a cream foundation?! WHY NOT?! )
– they include a mirror and a sponge if they keep it in a tub
– they don’t include parabens
Will I repurchase: YES! 

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