How I Fill In My Brows

8 Jan

I found a new addiction — eyebrow powders! I usually ignore these products before but I was totally wrong.

Look at my bare brows.

bare brows1

On a daily basis, I only cleanse tone moisturize and protect. But ever since I’ve discovered how a filled in brows can affect your face, my regimen became cleanse-tone-moisturize-protect-shape (my brows)! Yes I fill in my brows even when I’m at home.

There are many kinds of eyebrow product – I have tried only two, pencil and powder. I like using the eyebrow powder more than the pencil. I just bought an eyebrow pencil to test how it works. It’s fine I think, but I am not really into the idea of sharpening it. I think there’s more product wasted than used.

brow brush1

Before putting on any eyebrow product, make sure that your eyebrows are perfectly groomed. I will try to do a blog post on that soon!

You also have to choose the shade that will work out for you, this will depend on the color of your hair. The darker the hair you have, the lighter eyebrow powder you should use. If you have a lighter colored hair, go for a darker shade or two for the eyebrow powder. For example, go for ash gray or taupe if you have black hair, or dark brown if your hair is on the brown side.

Using an angled eyebrow brush, fill in brows in light feathery strokes. Continue until you fill in all the sparse areas and bald spots. Eyebrow powders can also be applied with a wet eyebrow brush applicator to make the effect more intense. Haven’t really tried using a wet brush though.

brow brush

To soften the look, use a spoolie or reuse an old mascara brush (make sure to wash it first!) to blend the filled-in color applied. You can brush your brows smoothly or use the same technique, light feathery strokes.


brows done

I love how perfectly shaped and filled in brows frame the face, open up the eyes, complement any eye makeup, and keeps the whole look balanced and polished.

I hope you find this post helpful!


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