Maybelline Crazy Sale – 30% off

5 Dec


Who would not love the sound of that? It is that sound you hear from the cashier section of any malls. And for that matter, spending for the things you love, for much less the price sounds nicer. Right?

So when I saw the ad from Maybelline, I knew I had to make a haul. Again.


Here are the products:


I was able to convince hubby to buy me new stuff. 🙂 Thanks daddy!

the purple glittered compact case :)

the purple glittered compact case 🙂

sleek packaging!

sleek packaging!

B02 powder refill

B02 powder refill

I finally got the powder version of my Maybelline liquid foundation. And I am so excited to try them out together. It is always best to use products from the same brand for better results.

'Maybelline' in the pressed powder

‘Maybelline’ in the pressed powder

sponge kept in plastic

sponge kept in plastic

I was surprised with the sponge. Other refills which come with sponges aren’t kept like this. Good job, Maybelline!

Red Revival

Red Revival

My smile was from ear to ear when I was purchasing this. I said in my previous post that I would want to get Red Revival and Amethyst Ablaze. Too bad Amethyst Ablaze isn’t part of the sale so I put off that want for now. I can wait.

Red Revival

Red Revival

Can’t wait to try these!

What Maybelline products have you tried?


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