REVIEW: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil

27 Nov

I always get zits during THE time of the month. PMS mode makes my skin and hormones berserk. But lately, I can see that dang zits are popping anywhere, even in places I didn’t have them before. With holiday stress, hormones, late night sleeps, irregular diet in the picture, I don’t know which to blame. I didn’t even know if this is just a purging stage because I started using a new soap for my face (Oh well, I stopped using it already and I will have another blog for it).  I just have one goal in mind – to get my skin clear…and FAST!

I remembered I ran out of my go-to zit zapper, Adapalene gel, a physician prescribed medication. It is quite expensive so I don’t have it most of the time. I relied on The Body Shop’s Tea Tree oil.

I had this early this year when it was on a 200php off campaign.  I got it at 295php (it was labelled as ‘at the best price ever’). Who can say no to this? Plus the fact that it claims that there is “one sold every 10 seconds”… I gotta have this, in case of emergency.

I literally didn’t know how to open the bottle the first time I used it. The packaging is very hard to use and some of the tea tree oil spills sometimes. I hope the bottle will be upgraded into something more easy to use.

The minty smell is the first thing you’ll get every time you open the product. I just pour a tiny drop into my pointing finger and dab, dab, dab on areas which needed rescue. The tea tree oil has a liquid consistency which runs quickly so I have to be keen in pouring an ample amount. At times, the oil settles on the table or on the floor because it just slips from my finger. Hmm, upon writing this, I am telling myself why haven’t I used cotton buds for easier application? I will, next time.

I use this at night, replacing my Panacea Oil at the moment. I felt a sting when I applied it directly to those nasty pimples. After two or three days of using this noticed that the huge zits flattened a wee bit. It is quite a disappointment as this product claims to “zaps zits in a flash”…it doesn’t, not in a zap.

I stopped using this not because it is not working for me. As I said, I only use this for rescue and in extreme cases where I am desperate for a face clean-up without the derma. It has rescued my skin and that is enough for me. It can be drying if I use it every day to literally clear my face of the nasty, unwanted breakouts. My huge zits are not huge anymore. They have flattened a bit but the hyperpigmentation is still there. I treat the hyperpigmentations with my favourite oil, Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil.

Overall, this product is fair enough. It doesn’t deliver its claims but is a-okay in my book.

(+) tea tree oil is a non-acidic sub to salicylic acid

(+) flattens zits… in a while.

(+) dries out zits to a certain level

(+) the minty smell relieves my stress, tension and headache

(+) comes in a handy bottle that can fit even  in my pocket

(-) has a liquid consistency (wish it is more on the oil side)

(-) the bottle can still be improved

(-) doesn’t really “zap zits in a flash”

(-) quite expensive for 495php, well it’s from TBS.

Will I repurchase?  Maybe. I think the bottle will last me a long time.

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