Meet and Greet: SayTiocoArtillero

19 Nov

I am hooked with Say Tioco Artillero’s blog and vlogs. You can also check out her page here. I have been reading her blogs and watching her vlogs not so long ago and I since then I read one or more everyday. Whenever I’m free, I try to visit different urls of bloggers I adore.

So when Say scheduled a Meet and Greet, I was definitely game for it. It was held last November 16, Friday, in Fix’n Berries, 5th flr of SM Manila.

I was determined to go even if I had to bring my little one. It was a hot afternoon, but the weather did not stop me from going. We rode the train to Central Terminal and walked all the way to the mall. We were just in time. 1-2:00pm was the time for the M&G. I was kind of hesitant to stop by the venue since I don’t see any familiar face (Say’s or her boyfriend’s). I bought a snack for my daughter and stayed in the Fix’n Berries couch so she can ‘calm down’ during the event.

my little girl enjoying her Jolly crispy fries 🙂

There were stolen glances from everywhere since other participants arrived already. Then a familiar face showed up in the escalator and walked and waved to other ladies waiting. I for one waited for all of them to settle in Fix’n Berries since we were already seated and happily enjoying our snack.

I got a large yogurt for 110php and it has 2 free toppings (no fruits though! ). I chose my fave combo almonds and chocolate chips!

yogurt = yummy in my tummy!!!

Say was very nice and was really accommodating to all of us. She made sure she talked and connected with each of us. She vlogged about this in this video.

There were pictorials, introductions, small talks and ootd (outfit of the day). I also had the chance to meet fellow readers and make new friends. I was able to talk and exchange details with Res, Jessica, and Je-Ann.

Here are our pics:

with Res, Jessica, Je-Ann, Say and Mark (photo from Say’s blog)

all girls 🙂 new smile for Say 🙂 (photo from Say’s blog)

with Say = Me LIKEY!

Even though the Meet and Greet lasted for a short while, I know it will be forever remembered. I know I will.

Hoping to meet my fave bloggers soon! ^^


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