REVIEW: Human Nature Hand and Foot Salve

15 Nov

Human Nature Hand and Foot Salve

Our hands and feet are the most used parts of our body, yet they are the most neglected ones. Neglected meaning we don’t give them the same special treatment we give to our skin and faces. I for one don’t have time for a hand and foot spa every month. The last time I had one (a truly pampering body spa was back when I was not married!) That was more than two years ago!

I do foot spa at home though. I soak my feet in a warm foot soak then scrub it with a pumice stone then apply a foot salve – HHN hand and foot salve. Voila! My feet felt soft again and ready for action again.

Being a mom, I enjoy cooking, cleaning and rearranging the house, doing household chores and cleaning up after my daughter’s mess. There is no sarcasm with the word enjoy here. I love taking care of my home, my family. Though at times, I felt my hands are very much abused. I wash my hands around 50 times a day. I wash before and after slicing ingredients, before and after cooking, before and after setting the table, before and after preparing my daughter’s food, before and after feeding her…you get the picture. What I’m saying is my hands weren’t as soft as they were before.

Then comes a hero for my desperate hands – HHN hand and foot salve!

Eucalyptus and Strawberry

I don’t apply it after every hand washing because of the number of times I do. I feel it will just be ‘wasted’ since I am going to wash again soon. At home, I apply it on my hands and feet before snoozing. I always take a shower before hitting the sack and the last thing I do for myself is lather this on and I wake up with them feeling rejuvenated. Then my little girl will give me her chosen books and we read them until she feels sleepy.

I love that this is organic, with 100% no harmful chemicals, which means I don’t harm my skin anymore. It is really a treat to my hands and feet. Whenever I apply this, I feel I am giving my hands and feet the TLC they deserve. I love the concoction of ingredients too. Recently, the packaging has been improved. From a tub, it became a squeeze tube. The tub can be recycled when the product becomes empty but the ‘double dipping’ can sometimes be unhygienic. The squeeze tube now has a push to open lid that preserves the freshness and cleanliness of the product inside. I alternate using the Strawberry scent and the Eucalyptus scent depending on my mood. The strawberry scent smells sweet while the eucalyptus has a minty scent with a mild cooling sensation to boot.

discontinued version: Hand&Foot Salve in a TUB

complete label!

improved packaging, still with complete label!

squeeze tube with secure lids

Since it is a Human Nature product, I trust that their products are going to work. I believe in their advocacies of being Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-environment. Not only do I treat myself with good products, I also do good to my country, the poor and of course, Mother Earth.

Here’a summary of what I like and don’t like about this:

(+) 100% organic, 100% natural

(+) Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-environment

(+) Great moisturizer, not sticky at all!

(+) Feels thick but is easily absorbed by the skin.

(+) A tube lasts me a month because a pea-sized amount is enough.

(+) Improved packaging which can be tote anywhere

(+) No worries on spillage because lid locks securely.

(+) Has a nice scent that lasts for about an hour for both strawberry and eucalyptus

(+) The eucalyptus gives a mild cooling sensation.

(+) affordable FOR ONLY 129.75php!

(+) can be bought online or through HHN dealers (like me!)

(-) Only available in 1 size, 50g.  Wish there was a bigger version for this.

(-) The banana scent was discontinued.

Will I repurchase? YES!


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