REVIEW: Maybellline Color Sensational Lipstick

14 Nov

I wanted to try out these lippies since I’ve been wanting the look of nude lips and fuchsia lips. I got these from one of my fave beauty bloggers, Ms. Gem of

Fifth Ave Fuchsia and Warm Me Up

These are such a steal!

Warm Me Up and Fifth Ave Fuchsia

I don’t quite get the number labels since they already have names for the label. But I think it is easier for others to remember the numbers.

swatches: Warm Me Up and Fifth Ave Fuchsia

I wanted to upload close up pics of these on my lips but I can’t take a perfect shot. I am practicing though! 🙂

Here are my likes and dislikes:

(+) It has a creamy, moisturizing formula that doesn’t dry out my lips.

(+) The lipsticks are very pigmented. Warm Me Up gives a ‘my-lips-but-better’ shade and is almost like MAC’s Brave. Fifth Ave Fuchsia gives a hint of ‘tint’ in my lips.

(+) It doesn’t last the whole day but color stays on my lips for about 4 hours max.

(+) Color Sensational Lipstick have very sleek packaging. They really have improved the package of the old ones.

(-) Quite pricey for 399php!

(-) There is a subtle scent to it that I am not a fan of but I can live with it.

Will I repurchase? Other shades perhaps. I want to try Red Revival and Amethyst Ablaze.


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