Human Nature 100% Hydrating Mineral Lipsticks

10 Sep

Like all other girls, I love lipsticks or any lip product for that matter. It was actually my stepping stone, the basic tool I knew about make-up. I remember sneaking into my mom’s drawer to “borrow” her lipsticks and put it in my lips. That love didn’t fade off. I grew up not knowing much about make-up but knowing little with lipsticks.

And when I read in some articles that most of the lipstics in the market today contain harmful chemicals, I knew I had to find an alternative. One of these harmful chemicals is Carmine, an ingredient used to achieving the bright colored pigments. Carmine is said to be found in bodies of insects. What a turn-off.

I decided to try the Hydrating Mineral Lipstics from Human Nature. I got all 5 shades because they were too nice.

All 5 shades 🙂

LIPSTICK TUBES (old and new versions)
old – new – old – new – old

Hydrating Mineral Lipsticks

Here are the swatches:


FIRST KISS – pink/purplish shade

LUCKY IN LOVE – red shade (orange undertone)

SWEET NECTAR – neutral shade

EARTH ANGEL – brown shade

CORAL KISS – peach/coral/orange-y shade

I love these products but they easily gave up on me.

The first one to give up on me is “First Kiss” – it became hard, doesn’t glide and developed a funky smell. I was so lucky that Human Nature Manila Branch replaced it with a new one with a new formulation.

Then three more shades disappointed me. “Lucky in Love” still can glide on my lips but it had the same funky smell as the first one I swapped. “Coral Kiss” and “Sweet Nectar” both has the sweet same smell but both are hard and won’t glide over my lips. I brought all three in Human Nature Manila Branch for their inspection and they just gave me credit for these. Thank you Ms. Jillian, Sir Denver and Sir Chris for always being accommodating!

I still have 2tubes left to play around with. I am crossing my fingers that they won’t give up on me just yet. “Earth Angel” and “First Kiss” are not as smooth as they used to be.

I didn’t hate Human Nature lipsticks…

But yes, I was disappointed. Though, I believe that the Human Nature Team is doing their best to improve their products so they can serve their customers well. They have my trust because I know they have the heart to serve and the heart to love the Philippines, the environment, most of all, us Filipinos.


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