Human Nature (Sept) Haul

8 Sep

Human Nature Magalogue Turnover is a day I really look forward to. I get to visit an HHN branch, listen to the new products they promote, meet fellow HHN lovers and dealers, get discounts and freebies only on that day. Today I visited the HHN Manila Branch and got my goodies there.

New products released are:


Pure Strength 100% Natural Oil-Fighting Face Wash – First ever organic facial wash for men! I didn’t get one yet since my husband is loyal to his personal care products. I still have a lot of convincing to do to get him to try organic products for himself.

Eco-Shopping Tote – I got this for free since I purchased the minimum amount required in Manila Branch. This will be very useful to me, especially now that plastics are banned in QC. I remember doing errands and a market vendor warned me that starting October this year, not one of them will use plastics anymore. I hope this trend will continue and get on with other cities as well.

Pinay & Proud T-Shirt – I was looking forward to buying this yet it is not yet available in HHN Manila Branch.


100% Natural Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Refill – I got loads of this simply because I am addicted! I love this product to bits that I know I have to have stock. I am hoping that I can easily refill the compact.

100% Natural Mineral Powder Refill – I wanted to get one but something’s telling me that I go for the Mineral Foundation Refill instead. I will get one soon, though, just to stock my Orient Pearl pressed powder.

HHN Body Scrub

100% Natural Bamboo Body Scrub – I tried this and it felt amazing. It has very small beads that I know can work better in exfoliating my skin. And the scent is amazing too. I will try this very soon, and of course post a review about it.

Premium Deo in Powder Scent

100% Natural Premium Deodorant – Powder Fresh – They are claiming this is far from the regular deo they had. They won’t call it “premium deodorant” for nothing. I was not satisfied with the regular deo I got from Human Nature so I didn’t even bother to write a review about it. The regular deo simply didn’t work for me.

100% Natural Body Butter Cream – Mango Passion – I wanted this, but when I got to smell it, it was too much for me. I felt nauseated after. The scent is a bit different from the mango body butter they had in a tub. I will try testing it again to see if I change my mind and go get one.

EUCALYPTUS Hand and Foot Salve

100% Natural Hand & Foot Salve – Eucalyptus – The old version of this is one of my favourite products because it keeps my hand hydrated and soft. So when they upgraded this, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I think this one is more on the hygienic side since it is now in a squeeze tube, though the old tub version is quite recyclable. And oh, my hands felt really cool after trying this.



magalogue, bug spray, body scrub, deo, foundation refill, eco-tote bag

In addition to the new products I got, I restocked on my feminine wash and citronella bug spray. The bug spray isn’t really for me. It’s for my baby. I never let anything bad happen to her. And having the bug spray on her skin is one less worry for me.

So there, these are the new products in store for Sep-Oct 2012. I hope you could try them out too. If you have any queries or orders on Human Nature, feel free to comment on the box below.


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