My First on Motherhood

8 May

i just started my blog! (i copied and edited this one from another a bit complicated site) yippee! it has been a while since i started putting my thoughts in paper… 

i hope i can share here my thoughts on everything under the sun. 🙂

today is april 3, 2012, exactly 5pm. my iya is asleep beside me. we are here at my mom’s place because we don’t have company at home. (today is may8)

i love staring at my daughter, especially when she is asleep. i just look at her and i experience peace. she is such an angel. i am very grateful she came into my life… as my husband always says, iya has a purpose in each of us. iya came and Joseph, my husband, became more focused in his career and his actuarial exams so he can better provide our needs.

iya taught me lots of things. the first thing she taught me was to become independent. i was so dependent with my parents before i got married. i cannot even decide for myself. after getting married, only then i experienced freedom, the only thing lacking for my perfect life. then i learned to adapt to change. i learned to be strong for her as i face the challenges and responsibilities of being a wife and a mother. she also taught me patience and love and being happy with the simplest of things.

though i had to give up some things, like a fulltime career, i don’t mind. i am just happy waking up beside my iya and taking care of her every single day for the past 13months (almost 15months now!). 🙂 i am very happy to be a full time wife and mother. i know a bit of time is wasted but i wouldn’t have it any other way… nothing beats experiencing all her firsts and milestones. motherhood is such a loving, happy place… 



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